Despite The Scary Fatality Rate Among The Infected, Measles Is Much More Contagious.

The droplets are so small that they can hang around in the air for hours before a susceptible person inhales them, said Dr. Chugani. virus can also live on surfaces touched by an infected person for up to two hours. In the simplest terms, you can get measles without even coming into direct contact with an infected person. 2) Im more likely to get Measles than Ebola. 2014 is the year for Ebola headlines. Despite the scary fatality rate among the infected, measles is much more contagious. put it in perspective, a person with measles is on average likely to infect 18 other unvaccinated people . While a person with Ebola is on average, likely to infect 1.5 to 2 people. 3) 121 cases is a big deal. Well, its 121 more cases than we said it should be 15 years ago.

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